Yumnaa Firfirey - Director

BBusSci, Marketing & Economics, 1996;
MPhil, UCT Graduate School of Business, 2010-2011

Connect with Yumnaa Firfirey:

Yumnaa Firfirey is the managing director of Towards Uhuru. Her experience spans across economic and social sectors, having worked in business, government, civil society and academia. While her initial experience is in the tourism economic sector, through her subsequent assignments, she has also worked with the Agriculture, Fishing, BPO, Engineering and Creative Industries. Furthermore, Yumnaa Firfirey is able to contribute at the level of research and strategy development as well as at the level of implementation – with precision and attention to detail. This has been a key success factor in taking a number of very difficult projects from concept to full scale operation. A high level timeline of her experience is listed below. Please use the LinkedIn link to view her LinkedIn profile with full details of her experience and interests.

Towards Uhuru Managing Director

Bodhisattva Creative and Managing Director

Co-founder Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP)

Interim CEO at Provincial Development Council

Director, Tourism Growth at Department of Economic Development and Tourism

Deputy Director, Tourism Entrepreneurship at Department Economic Development and Tourism

Project Manager at IMSA Environmental Consultancy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Consultant at International Student Travel Confederation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Entrepreneur and Managing Director, Camp iAfrika