Strengthening Environmental Resilience

Towards Uhuru has always had a consciousness of working within environmental constraints. This is largely influenced by the involvement of its managing director, Yumnaa Firfirey, in environmental assignments and board positions

Project Manager, IMSA Environmental Consultancy
Yumnaa Firfirey was a project manager in the team developing and commercialising saline agricultural technologies, to optimise the use of the earth’s abundant salt-water resources and hereby simultaneously protect the scarce freshwater resources. 
She also worked on a project with Robert Swan, who took Dutch youth on an expedition to Antarctica to increase youth awareness of global warming and their interest in preserving their natural environment.

Trustee of the Table Mountain Fund (TMF)
Yumnaa Firfirey is a trustee of the TMF, a premier fund for securing the globally significant Fynbos biome and playing a leading role in catalysing priority conservation interventions, both locally and internationally. Elected to be deputy chair from June 2017 and chair from June 2018.

Board member and Audit Committee chair of Green Cape, 2012 to 2014
Yumnaa Firfirey has been a board member of Green Cape, a sector development agency set up to further the renewable energy industry in South Africa. She also served as chair of the Audit Committee.

Founding Member of International Conference on Responsible Tourism
Yumnaa Firfirey worked alongside Dr. Harold Goodwin, International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT), Leeds Metropolitan University, in 2002 to set up the first successful hosting of the conference in Cape Town, preceding the World summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in the same year.

Consulting on responsible youth and student travel
As consultant to the International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC), two of the assignments were projects on responsible youth and student travel:

World Heritage Sites Awareness:
This project endeavoured to increase awareness of, and allow students easier access to world heritage sites. This role entailed meeting with the youth coordinator at UNESCO to facilitate endorsement of the ISTC by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and liaising with each of the ISTC member organisations to identify those sites of highest priority to students.

International Responsible Travel Campaign:
 A proposal was developed for an international responsible travel campaign to be implemented around the world, encouraging students and youth to consider their actions during travel and ensure that they are socially, environmentally and culturally responsible. 

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